The Ageing Skin set

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Retinol, the holy grail of actives when it comes to de-ageing. Boosts protein production for increased firmness and volume. To get the most out of it, prep the skin by gently exfoliating with PHA/AHA Night Switch. Your skin is then ready to reap the full benefits of a course of Retinol. To stimulate the skin and avoid the plateau effect, switch back to PHA/AHA Night Switch, which detoxifies to encourage cell renewal.

How to: Use PHA/AHA Night Switch for a week. Give your skin a rest for 1 week, then start using Retinol Night Switch for 4 weeks. Give your skin another rest for 1 week, then use PHA/AHA for a week. Both Night Switch should be mixed with Universal Emulsion.

Night Switch Retinol 1%
The only de-ageing molecule
Night Switch PHA/AHA 10% 
The molecules to exfoliate and illuminate

Universal Emulsion 100ml
Day moisturiser, night cream, serum base in one



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