The Skin Rescue set

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Sometimes, your skin just doesn't look/feel its best. Stress, seasonal or hormonal changes, all the hand washing/sanitising can result in flakiness, dryness lines and irritation. When this happens, we've come up with a combination of products for a next-level home facial for instantly happy-looking skin that feels comfortable.

This routine starts with a thorough yet gentle exfoliation with Soft Clay Rubber, because you cannot moisturise dead cells back to life - your skin is now prepped and ready to absorb the wonderful cocktail of lipids in Night Switch Essential Lipids. This boost of lipids helps retain the much-needed water provided by Universal Emulsion.

How to: Start by exfoliating with Soft Clay Rubber twice a week (face, neck, decollete, hands...wherever your skin feels dry and tight). Every night, add 3 pumps of Night Switch Essential Lipids to a big walnut of Universal Emulsion, warm in the palm of your hands, and apply all over. Repeat this routine for 3 weeks.

Soft Clay Rubber
No-bits exfoliant and mask in one
Night Switch Essential Lipids
The molecules for dehydrated skin
Universal Emulsion 50ml
Day moisturiser, night cream, serum base in one