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Universal Skin Needs

The cosmetic industry creates names for products which have the same base and do the same thing- day cream, primer, night cream, moisturiser, serum, etc. We don’t believe in having products dedicated to the face, neck or eye. There is no such thing as a product which is good for one part of your skin and not the other. A good formula does it all.

All skins share the same everyday needs. For these essential needs, we’ve got you covered with multi-tasking heroes that make an instant difference to your skin and work for everyone – young and older skin, women/men, without overloading your skin.

Less is more

Products with too many active ingredients which work on different metabolic pathways confuse the skin, it works too hard, cell energy is depleted, skin gets tired and gives up.

Layering too many products is likely to produce the same result. There is also potential for counteraction and irritation if not paired correctly. Don't play chemist! Formulation is an art that takes years to master.

It is better to ask the skin to do one thing at a time, but to do it well. Active ingredients for specific skin concerns, when used for too long, saturate the skin and no longer deliver results. It is good to switch them around to keep the skin stimulated and avoid the plateau effect.

Moving on from the natural vs synthetic battle

The natural versus synthetic battle is dated - not all chemistry is bad. There are simply good ingredients - safe, effective, sustainable and formulated correctly, and there are bad ingredients - harmful or ineffective. There is a misconception that natural products should contain many botanical extracts, which actually often have little effect. We focus on pure molecules with published clinical results.

Colette Haydon

Lixirskin was born in our London laboratory, where Colette, a doctor in dermo-pharmacy, has formulated some of the best-selling skin care products for many of the most coveted beauty brands. You probably have several of her formulations in your bathroom.



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