The Problem Skin set

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The ultimate combination of actives to tackle breakouts, enlarged pores and fine lines. BHA/AHA is antibacterial and clarifies problem skin by exfoliating and controlling sebum. Avoid the plateau effect and stimulate the skin by switching to Retinol Night Switch, which regulates skin metabolism and refine the epidermis.

How to: Use BHA/AHA Night Switch for 3 weeks, give your skin a rest for 1 week, then use Retinol Night Switch for 4 weeks, give your skin a rest for 1 week, and start again with BHA/AHA. Follow BHA/AHA Night Switch with Universal Emulsion. Retinol Night Switch should be mixed with Universal Emulsion.

Night Switch Retinol 1%
The only de-ageing molecule
Night Switch BHA/AHA 10%
The molecules for problem skin
Universal Emulsion 100ml
Day moisturiser, night cream, serum base in one




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